• Stop Calling For Volunteers Commie Obama!

    October 21, 2009 8:59 am 3 comments
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  • Barack Obama is a communist! Every day he tries to find new ways to destroy our nation’s capitalist tradition and infest it with his liberal socialist ways!

    I for one do not believe in volunteers and neither should you! You know who believes in enforced volunteerism? North Korea!

    Every year North Koreans have to do volunteer work for 150 staight days for the ‘good of the nation’. You know what that is called? Slavery.

    Since 1776 America has been a nation built on proper hardworking people getting paid for their jobs! All of this forcing people to do volunteer work for no pay is below us and belongs in the 3rd world!

    I know Obama is a vile, elitist man but trying to force people work for nothing is just over the line. It has nothing to do with America therefore it is anti-American. Impeach Obama. Our noble media leader Glenn Beck looks more into this dire situation and agenda of Obama.

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