• Stop Crying About Meghan McCain Breasts Twitter Photos

    October 16, 2009 1:19 pm 24 comments

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    Petty people are still complaining about Meghan McCain breasts Twitter photos and I am just about fed up!

    Meghan McCain BreastsIn a world wear Barack Hussein Obama is making secret deals with Palestinian terrorists and plotting to destroy our powerful American juggernaut economy, where do we have room to scrutinize a young woman of God whose top was just at an awkward angle during a picture!

    Let he without sin cast the first stone! And Meghan did not even sin, she just had a bit of a warddrobe malfunction at most! What a sick and sadistic nation we have when people have nothing better to do than demonize an innocent young lady for an unfornate oopsies mistake on a public photo. What’s next, casting all mothers who have to expose milksacks to feed their babies? Typical leftwing liberals against natural order!

    My question is where do sick liberals get to find innuendo in innocent photos? Meghan McCain is the young daughter of our Christian Senator John McCain. There is nothing but honor upon the McCain house and McCain defended freedom for our American Republic, putting his life on the line in the process!

    Now look at the thanks his countrymen give him. Trying to make a scandal of his daughter. There is nothing wrong with Meghan McCain’s Twitter photo so why don’t you liberal dog spinning media pundits stop trying to create spectacle where there is none!

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