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    October 25, 2009 12:36 pm 122 comments

    A coalition of three young women have dared defied authority and are using American company Facebook to start a campaign against American values and freedom.

    What a sad day is it when the youth of our country actively support video games that are destroying the fabric of our society with fantasy violence and magic?  I of course am talking about World of Warcraft, the game which has caused a drastic 53% increase in high school violence and is the leading contributor to obesity among all American youth.

    Ill-informed and inspired by the mischievous agents of iniquity, poster krissy x katastrophe and friends proudly announced that they support World of Warcraft and gave sophomoric rebuke of my lesson about the alarmingly sinister and evil dangers of World of Warcraft and Cosplay Cults.

    They have started a campaign community on Facebook against our anti-WoW movement and give the following message to their followers:

    Group:  gamers against this STUPID frippin guy…..

    Description: a STUPID article where a STUPID man makes up REDICULIOUS stuff about the very popular World of Warcraft trying to get parents to burn thier kids computers and saying tht WoW will give you AIDS, posess you, cause you to join orgies, fail at life and make u a homosexual… WTF!?!?!??! plz read more in the link below!!


    Already, you can see how World of Warcraft has affected their language centers.  Instead of relaying “Please”, they believe the correct spelling is “plz”.  They also sadly misspell basic words like “you” and “possess”, let alone “ridiculous”.  How terribly sad.

    Dear friends, there is a War of Spirituality going on for the hearts and minds of our youth.  Satan has already positioned his troops and new-aged texts, the hellish source code crafted by his Japo-Californian magical programmers at Blizzard, into your homes.

    As you and your youth leaders at church give your kids great advice on how they should live their lives according to conservative Bible based American Christian values passed on from your great-great-grandparents years ago, this new game lurks in the corners and comes on at improper hours at night, subverting your teaching and authority.

    The only good World of Warcraft game is one that has been burnt to a crisp in fires or thrown into the trash compactor.  Parents, this is more proof of why this game must be forcefully removed from your college age children.  Do what needs to be done, and make your country proud.  Amen.

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