• The Bible Is Too Liberal

    October 21, 2009 2:31 pm 26 comments
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  • With my daughter home on an impromptu break this past weekend, I took the opportunity to do something we had not done for almost 2 months now: order a family Bible Study.

    One of the rules I have for our household is that everyone must always have at least two copies of the Bible on their person. My wife naturally abides by this rule and has been faithful with ensuring our children do as well, even our girl off to California for her studies. I was pleased to see my girl had her own Bible with her when I told everyone to meet in the library study for family Bible discussion.

    Conservative fathers nationwide are overwhelmed by the alarming trends in deliquence of their college-bound students; poor grades, lack of attending church, embracing liberalism. The unlikely source of these deviations; the Bible is too liberal.
    ChristWire Digital Media (2009)

    What shocked me, however, is that the Bible in her possession was not proper. It was one of those new versions that are trendy at youth groups in Santa Barbara, apparently. The scriptures had lost their fire and passion, they were watered down with flowerly language and liberalism.

    Enraged, I immediately turned the natural gas of the fireplace and threw her facade Bible in it! I ordered her to her room and also chastised the wife for not ensuring our children at least home educated enough to know that anything other than the King James version of the word is dangerous to their fragile minds.

    Then it occurred to me, even for modern conservative youth, the language in the King James Version of the Bible could be outdated and minunderstood. The time has come for an updated Bible, with Conservative language relevant to the need of American’s Godly politics. A Bible whose message clearly speaks the lessons of old to an audience of new, combining God and modern country in each and every page.

    I immediately thought to contact our dear friend Andy Shlafly for this endeavor, and was greatly pleased to learn he too had these concerns.

    Without further ado, the Conservative Bible Project has been born.

    We already have a running copy of the Conservative Bible, the new standard in spreading morality to this fallen world.

    Already liberals tremble in terror as our words will be clear and precise to a new generation of youth, whose bright minds will embrace the morals of our poli-religious texts and implement them into the life, government and society of America and all of the lesser countries that coexist with us.

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