• The Chinese Threat to Our American Freedoms

    October 7, 2009 9:21 am 17 comments
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  • America is a land with a proud traditon of ensuring peace, prosperity and happiness for all nations of Earth. Through an omnipresent progressive moral tradition and devotion to establishing ardent relations and accord between all lands, the United States has lead humanity to an unprecedented age of fellowship and united brotherhood.

    Sadly every era and story has a villain, and in our modern world the dark spirited culture of China is happy to be billed as the antagonist.

    As our politicians suffer our noble military personnel to enter other nations to bring freedom to the people and overthrow corrupt despot dictators with someone we know will do better, nations like China and Russia selfishly plot to hinder our divinely guided hand by weakening our economy and hampering our efforts via the wasteful United Nations.

    China has great bloodlust for America. Each and every day, its citizens fantasize about strapping on thick steel toed boots and trampling upon the faces of our children who have fallen in war. Chinese babies laugh and squeel in delight as they watch communist propaganda cartoons that show Genderal Mao savaging the Easter Bunny and Care Bears with machetes.

    China is a cold, heartless land whose antagonistic ways are only matched by their thirst for global conquest. Liberal politicians such as Barack Obama are already bought out by powerful Chinese business men who support things like Universal Healthcare, Abortion and the downfall of American commercial enterprise.

    It is no coincidence that since Obama has taken office, the United States dollar has grown weak. American banks have been forced to shut down and China now secretly owns the majority of our premiere car company, General Motors.

    Obama supports abortion because it lowers the number of future American men and women, which is beneficial to the Chinese horde which totals now nearly 2 billion trained combatants.

    Obama wants Obamacare passed so the elderly, our wise leaders, can be killed off. It was the “Greatest Generation” of Americans who successfully defeated the evil Oriental Chinese who tried to invade our country during World War 2, and by the stinging sweat of their brow and determination of their hands our brave men and women were able to fight off China’s attempt at NAZI allied conquest of America.

    Now once again, the evil threat of China ominously looms at bay. Bill Clinton sold them nuclear secrets. Barack Obama is selling them our economy. Barack Obama is giving them the ability to kill our unborn children and destroy our American way of living via Obamacare.

    Dear friends, America must not let China take over the Earth. They will torture your family and not think twice about it.

    We must demand our government call our great military to peacefully assert our American ways upon Asia and gently coerce their savage people to live in more amicable, peaceful ways.

    Let us overthrow Kim Jong-Il, so that the North Korean Chinese may be free to learn and embrace our American values of unity and liberty for all. Let us replace him with a leader we know will lead North Korea to influence their neighbors and Asian friends that American living is for all people.

    Let us make satellite countries of all lands that surround China. The world will be more safe once we do this, and we will install nuclear missiles and anti-missle batteries in these nations as a soft reminder to China that the world only wants the assurance of peace, not war.

    We will comfort the Chinese people by blanketing the region with the secuirty brought by American power; a responsible security that ensures power mad leaders or governments will need to lead their people into unwanted territories of war, violance and temultuous temarity.

    Dear friends, the Chinese are a people with great potential but only lack the light to show them the way. It is time for America to be the light, and we must do it before the Chinese culture is completely overtaken by the darkness of evil, an evil that will lead them to an eternal desire to shed the blood of you and your precious family.

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