• Vice President Dick Cheney Slams Rookie Obama For Betraying Troops

    October 22, 2009 11:03 am 10 comments
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  • United States Vice President Dick Cheney was in action today, taking time from his important schedule to give some good, tough advise to liberal lemming Barack Obama.

    Obama is dithering. Our troops are out bringing freedom to every other nation on Earth, as prescribed by President George W. Bush’s dictations for our nation’s priority agenda in foreign policy. Obama is impeding the ability of our troops to bring freedom worldwide.

    Every nation on Earth deserves a taste of democracy. Freedom of life, the liberty to enjoy life without bound and the recognition as a part of our global community, the individual of every nation should enjoy the same freedom that Americans are blessed with each and every day.

    In some regions, terrorists and enemies of humanity hate freedom and therefore hate our troops, who are on a divine mission to give justice to all. Therefore, we must use the strength we have been blessed with to give these people what they deserve. Obama is actively decreasing the strenth of America’s mightly hand, reinforced by the power of heaven itself.

    Our Vice President Dick Cheney is fed up with the process and ordered Obama to stop hating freedom, as seen in the following video.

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