• Watch American Dad Episode In Country Club Online Now 5×01, Christian TV Review

    October 22, 2009 7:17 am 17 comments
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  • American Dad Episode In Country…Club – Christian TV Review

    American Dad is a great family show that’s appropriately rated TV 14 DLV, so parents know which age groups of their children may responsibly watch and understand the show’s content.

    The fifth season was off to a great start as the family’s soul Christian provider and bread winner, Stan, shows off great fathering skills. This episode was about American values and appreciation for the sacrifice all of the world’s greatest heroes, American soldiers, give to us on a daily basis.

    This episode started with Stan’s son, Steve, winning a contest for his vocal abilities. He won an opportunity to sing America’s National Anthem, which is a great honor and something any kid should be proud to do.

    Being a good father, Stan ordered Steve to sing a few stanzas for God’s ears up in heaven. God loves to hear The Star Spangled Banner, the anthem of his Christian nation. His eyes shine with pride when the words “And the home of the brave” drift upon the heavenly zephyr to his ears.

    The main initiating conflict of this episode occurred when Steve started to give his father a mini-serenade of the anthem. It became quite obvious that Steve was under the influence of black people singing, because he started to do a bunch of unecessary “jive” things with his voice while singing our country’s song.

    Anyone who studies music knows The Star Spangled Banner has a standard key, rhythm, measure and count. It is not some rap song.

    To allow Steve to sing with a true passion and calling, Stan arranged for him to fight in a real live war reenactment, with real weapons, no good Charlies to bring freedom to via guns and machetes and the unity of brotherhood in arms.

    This episode was all about father/son bonding, appreciation for our troops and had minor subplots to fill in gaps with creative humor. American Dad is a fine show and it’s great to have this new season upon us. Warning: The following video media weblink is rated TV 14 DLV. Please have children under the age of 14 immediately leave the room before watching and enjoying with your older sons.

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