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    October 31, 2009 8:26 am 7 comments

    Smallville Season 9 Episode 6 Online Crossfire – Christian TV Review

    Smallville is an immoral children’s soap opera that teaches kids prostitution and alien fornication is fun for all!

    This sick episode started out with Jewish alien Clark Kent and Lois Lane pining for each other and auditioning for a daytime news show.

    Needless to say they got the job without competition, which is just unreal for two youngsters in New York (Metropolis they called it), which only teaches kids that the empty Hollywood career industry is all fun and the fast track.

    This episode had the standard prostitute women in it and celebrated the urban drug culture. There were no warnings given as a bloody underground fight took place between a woman and some man, and some other aliens named “Kandorians” tried to kill a woman named Tess.

    Major “Zod” make an appearance, still disrespecting our nation’s Christian heritage and also fancying himself to be Lord and Savior, much like Clark Kent.

    At the end of the episode, Lois Lane and another one of her fornicated boyfriends Oliver Queen were having secret time in a dark alley. Their sinful plans were ruined when a prostitute betrayed Oliver and lead her black pimp masters to hold him at gunpoint, demanding money.

    A fight, showing unfiltered urban violence to suburban youth who may have been watching the show, broke out and Oliver with Lois went on the run. They went to a rooftop where a man with a machine gun had them pinned close to the ledge.

    Bullets were seen firing from his gun and all hope looked lost for Lois and Oliver, but magically from miles away, the Jewish alien savior Clark Kent heard the bullets!

    This is absolutely preposterous. First of all, there is no such things as aliens. Secondly, the laws of physics make it pretty clear that a man cannot hear sounds from thousands of miles away and hone in on the origin. Third, people cannot run more than 27 miles per hour, and that’s only for relatively short bursts.

    So somehow this Clark Kent guy runs at lightspeed to waltz in front of the bullets just in time, and then get this, they bounced right off his chest. He is bulletproof. Yeah, right.

    Then, he shot fire from his eyes and blew up the gun the street tough was holding, and caught a bullet from midair before it hit Oliver in the eye. The episode ended with Clark giving Lois a kiss.

    Now, let me tell you something. There is no way this show should be watched by 4 or 5 year olds, yet the producers of Smallville keep marketing their show to children. It’s just not right. I hope that the CW will be proud when we have kindergartners next week trying to shoot eye lasers and celebrating prostituted gun violence.

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for…
    prostitution, immoral clothing, Jewish alien, murder, blood, fighting, celebration of black drug culture, guns, evolution propaganda,

    Warning: The following video media contains great levels of impiety and television network violence. Please first pray and then immediately have any women/children leave the room before reviewing.

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