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    October 27, 2009 11:51 pm 3 comments
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  • Smallville Episode Metallo – Christian TV Review

    Blood. Gore. Death. These words describe only the tip of the soul sinking iceberg that children viewers were treated to in Smallville’s second episode of this season, Metallo.

    Smallville tells the story of a young Jewish alien named Clark Kent, who is destined to grow up to be Superman. The show is marketed to teens and makes them try to celebrate teen angst, fornication, belief in magical aliens and violence.

    The series star, Clark Kent, has magical devilpowers: shooting firebeams from his eyes, runs faster than light, hear things from miles away and sees through solid objects. This is all clearly fake as only spiritual beings like angels can do such amazing feats.

    This episode started out with a reporter named John Corbin hitting on a professional harlot named Lois Lane in the series. Lois Lane is supposed to be a role model for young girls yet exposes her body early on and in the prior episode allowed Corbin to give her a kiss while she’s in a train car, despite the fact that she also flirts with two other people in this episode (including the Jewish episode).

    This teaches kids that it’s cool and neat to be a prostitute, when in fact such lifestyles leads to getting pregnant with AIDS, drugs and then death.

    When Corbin called her late at night on his phone, he was hit by a large truck and children viewers were treated to much blood and gore. At this point I got a case of the dry heaves and had to take a jog to clear the trauma from my head; the scene was just too filthy, too much.

    Instead of coming up dead from his grievous injuries, Corbin instead was turned into a robot by several other Jewish aliens from a placed called Kryptons, all under the leadership of General Zod (whose names conveniently rhymes with the true Master of the Universe, so you know this was done on purpose by the show’s Judeo-atheist writers).

    Long story short, the plot lead into an inevitable fight between Metallo and Clark Kent. In typical fashion, Kent murdered Metallo and was supposed to be seen as a hero for doing so. Sick.

    Parents, Smallville is a show full of fornicated thoughts, violence and evolutionary propaganda that has no place in the life of your teenage child. Warning: The following video media contains offensive footage. Please first pray and then have any women/children lead the room before reviewing.

    Moral Rating: F (Foul) for:
    evolution propaganda, harlotry, kissing, jewish aliens with magic powers, drugs, blood, gore, death, devilpowers,

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