• Watch South Park Episode 13×08 Dead Celebrities Online Now, Christian TV Review

    October 19, 2009 10:04 am 19 comments
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  • Christian TV Review – South Park Episode Dead Celebrities

    South Park is a dangerous children’s show created by two Jewish perverts who hate family values. Time and again this show had been responsible for tragic news stories where normal children have been tempted to do evil things; kissing girls at school, drugs, prostitution and even murdering a person’s parents and putting their body parts into chili at a carnival.

    South Park launched its second half of the season in typical fashion, with an episode entitled “Dead Celebrities”. Over the last several months, many mainstream celebrities have had their lives taken away from them. As expected, the Jews of Doom behind South Park saw fit to use those celebrity deaths to ultimately teach kids how to do cult rituals to communicate with the deceased in unnatural, demonic ways.

    This frightening episode started off by showing hardcore pornography to children, without warning. I immediately covered my eyes and ears when I saw the immoral scene and threw up a little bit from the shock. The Jewish parents of two of the show’s characters, Stan and Ike, were doing the nasty with their secret parts and Ike walked in on them. He reported that he could see dead people.

    Now as you know, there is no such thing as secular ghosts. It’s all just made up or if something looks like it’s there, it’s just one of Satan’s demons wearing perhaps a supernatural ghost costume to deceive you. Your soul will either be called to heaven or hell for judgement; end of story. There is no walking around the Earth and haunting, all of that fiction is just lies of Satan.

    Yet, this episode tried to sully the concept of purgatory and make it look like all of the recently dead celebrities were still wandering around as ghosts, because Michael Jackson’s soul was not at peace.

    As the episode progressed, more “ghosts” made appearances and ultimately it was discovered that Michael Jackson’s greatest wish was to become a white girl and have everyone accept him for that. This is nothing but a veiled attempt at spreading the homogay agenda to our kids.

    Naturally, the show’s writers decided to have Michael Jackson, possessing the young toddler Ike’s body, to dress up as a gay and participate in a fashion contest for young girls. By winning the contest, he was supposed to gain satisfaction and validation, at which point his soul and every other dead celebrity could leave purgatory.

    The contest scene was very confusing and sick. They had young pixelated girls gyrating about and doing dances to devil’s music. For some reason the male judges started holding their thingies region and apparently had to go potty because they kept jumping around, then for some reason were arrested by cops.

    A character named Eric Cartman bribed the one remaining female judge, which is teaching children how to deceive.

    You would think things could not get worse, but they did. Michael Jackson won the contest and the fake teachings on purgatory and Hell continued. There is no pleasant ride to hell, my frirends, it’s all fire and brimestone. Endless torture and that’s right where this show is leading whatever kids watch it.

    Warning: The following video media is highly immoral. Please pray and then have any women/children immediately leave the room before reviewing.

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for:
    pornography, cussing, Jewish humor, ghosts, false Catholocism, bribing, beauty pagents, Hell not depicted as scary/brutal enough,

    At this point I had just about enough of this blasphemous episode.

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