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    October 29, 2009 1:55 am 39 comments
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  • South Park Episode 13×11 Whale Wars – Christian TV Reviews

    This week’s excellent episode of South Park provided an excellent lesson about how the Japanese are one of the most war-like and bloodthirsty people on Earth.

    As you know from history, the Japanese conspired to take over Earth with Adolf Hitler and the NAZI horde.  On a day of infamy, countless Japanese soldiers blackened the sky with planes and attacked innocent Americans who were soundly at rest in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.   They murdered thousands of innocent Americans, all in the name of Adolf Hitler.

    The Japanese are known for their ice-old hearts and writers Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park did an excellent job of capturing that fact in this episode.

    The gist of today’s show was that Japanese would stop at nothing to murder whales and dolphins in cold blood, in front of children, using their ancient samurai swords and spears they have in every Japanese home.

    Japanese actually do have an innate hate for creatures of the sea, as they love to bathe in whale’s blubber and use a whale’s teeth in all their sick Japanese gameshow fornications.

    Stan Marsh, the idealist of the show, grew tired of watching the Japanese murder whales worldwide, so he joined up with the tv series Whale Wars.  Instead of using passive protest, Stan declared war on Japan like any freedom loving American should be ready to do when their morals fall out of line.

    Eventually Stan gained enough weapons and supporting cast to turn the tide in whale protection, neatly slaughtering boatloads of Japanese people and scaring them off with giant godzilla statues.  You should have seen their little eyes squint in fear.

    Not to give up, the Japanese eventually resorted to kamikaze tactics to just divebomb their ancient places into whales and Stan’s pirate boy.

    All in all, this episode was mildly entertaining, censored out several curse words and reminded everyone that the Japanese are a very dangerous people; they would need at 20 lights to show them the day.

    This episode ended with much bloodshed, which is fine since it was appropriately rated MA so audiences and parents would know not to let their children watch this show.

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