• Whitney Houston Wardrobe Malfunction On X-Factor

    October 19, 2009 2:39 pm 4 comments

    Whitney Houston is a singer who has teetered between the life of good and bad for quite some time.

    Whitney Houston is also an Afro-American woman who is the daughter of two good Christian parents. She was blessed with an angelic voice and started off her life by using it to give God praises at her local church, as any good singer should do.

    As she grew older, she continued to sing praise and uplifting music. She even acted in the movie The Preacher’s Wife, the story of how a black angel (played by Denzel Washington) encouraged a family by reinforcing the wife and husband’s commitment and helping a child get adopted by the family as well. It was quite touching and also reminded everyone that Heaven is for black people too, which is easy to forget when you always see their hipped hopped lifestyles and not the nice family moments they can have too.

    Sadly, Whitney’s life took a tragic turn for the worse when she met a thug named Bobby Brown. He was in a gang called New Edition, where they sang songs about fornicating with women and Satanic praise Bobby Brown did drugs.

    He brought Whitney to that lifestyle and her life was always a mess. She is now recovering from him though and just like everyone else, I cheered for this young black women. I always love to hear stories about how black peoples overcome their urban culture and join us in being proper people.

    Whitney was back in track and releasing new inspiration music, but sadly it seems she still may have some Satanic vices troubling her life. On show the X-Factor, she was singing some sort of song that had dancing on it. That just set the stage for Satan’s hand to reach in and cause her to have a wardrobe malfunction.

    If you leave the door Satan to enter your house, he’ll step right in and do as he pleases. Warning: The following video media contains documentation of Satan causing a recovering urbanite to have warddrobe malfuntion. Please pray and have women/children leave the room before viewing.

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