• Yankees Angels Game 4, Who Will Win and What’s Score?

    October 21, 2009 8:43 am Comments Off
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  • Yankees Angels game 4 was not to be the stuff of miracles. The stuff of dreams. All of those glorious things will take part in game 5.

    Four Yankees Angels game 4, the Evil Empire started their favorite demented pitcher, Sabathia. Somehow with only three days rest, Sabathia managed to only give up one run.

    It’s clear that he had to tap into dark forces to pull such a feat, but that’s been the entire tone of this series; the Yankees cheat and use demonic forces to do so.

    There is no way they won the last two extra-inning games by the skin of their proverbial teeth, and then somehow win 10 – 1 last night. That just doesn’t make sense and it’s a shame that a professional MLB organization would use black magic and cult chants to gain upper-hand in a game.

    I guess that’s what the Yankees have done to get to their last 39 World Championship Appearances. Greed, money and magic; surely the root of much evil.

    For those who are down on the Angels, let us not forget one of the best movies you have in your home movie collection: Angels in the Outfield. If enough people pray and ask for miracles, they will happen!

    Angels will descend down upon the field and cause perhaps a divine gust of wind to carry a floater into homerun territory. It will cause demon pitchers like Sabathia to get punished for enhancing his fastball with the fiery heats of hell!

    Look for signs and miracles in game 5! The Yankees are not a moral people and let’s hope they all catch swine flu or get grave injuries! Woe unto them for decades of cheating good teams in America’s favorite sport!

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