• 9 Uncovered Videos Show School Children Performing Praises to Obama

    November 5, 2009 6:40 am 31 comments
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  • Our dear friend John Nolte has uncovered shocking new media which reveals our school children performing praises to Barack Hussein Obama.

    As you know, Obama thinks himself a god unto men.  He claims to be a reincarnated deity of the black Egyptian pantheon, but we know that’s just a sick lie to gain sympathy votes from reverse racists.

    Dear friends, the mind of a child is pure and innocent. As John reveals, it is an epidemic! The minds of our children are being infected with thoughts of an ambivalent Obama and they dare say good things about him!

    There is nothing good about a man who hates children and America. Obama loves to dream about ways to torture babies and make life tough on our children. Why else would he support abortion and ridicule noble President George W. Bush’s brilliant No Child Left Behind strategy.

    Video Evidence:

    Warning:  The following video media reveals how Barack Hussein Obama and his supporters are brainwashing our children to do evil things like support Obama.  Please first pray and then order your women/children to leave the room before reviewing.

    Video 1: School Children Deliver Pro-Obama Rhetoric

    In this alarming video, we see non-segregated children singing some sort of praises to Obama on a stage.

    Video 2: Afro-Children Sing “Change We Can Believe In”

    Here we see young afros being trained in the sad arts of reverse racism. My dear friends, reverse racists are the saddest lot on our planet. They cannot see beyond their little affirmative action agendas for the greater good of mankind, laissez-faire and letting those who have earned power control everything like it’s meant to naturally be.

    Video 3: More Children Sing Yes We Can

    Here we have more children who have been brainwashed by Egyptian drug magic wielded by Barack Hussein Obama.

    Video 4: Afro Children “Rap” To Obama

    Hipped hopped blacks created a ‘genre’, and you have to use that loosely, of music named rap. The black usually make simple rhymes and play their music far too loud at stop lights; that’s how you know what it is. In this video we see some young hipped hopped trainees have created rap song for B. Hussein Obama. We all know rap music leads to gang violence, drugs and then death, so too bad they don’t have a real president like President Ronald Reagan or President George W. Bush to inspire their musical tastes and direction in life.

    Video 5: Yet More Rap!

    Rap is a sick creation of the urban hipped hopped culture, that busily celebrates the destruction of proper society. Here are some brainwashed youths rapping praises to the dark “president”.

    Video 6: More!

    At this point I’m starting to see a trend of what brand of children Obama likes to influence. You can see he wants the Democrats to keep getting the chocolate vote.

    Video 7: Deplorable Brainwashing Forces Children to continually say “Obama is Our New President”

    In this sad video, these children are being forced to continually say “Obama is our new president” and for some reason cannot stop saying it. My guess is that Satan is somehow involved.

    Video 8: Obama Mindmelds Proper Students

    Here we see Obama has spread his wicked ways to our proper children in nice homes. Sick!

    Video 9: Do You Hear the Laughter?

    There is nothing funny about hosting death panels and then savagely murdering senior citizens who need healthcare. I fell to see what’s so humorous about giving Palestine $1 billion of our holy money when we have innocent children here in America without a Sealy bed to sleep upon and snack food to eat.  They don’t have insurance and it’s all Obama’s fault.

    With such a dismal picture, it should be clear that there is nothing to laugh about.  Yet, somehow, Obama’s staff are out and forcing children to singBarack Obama School Song, Do You Hear The Sound?

    My friends, Obama is in cahoots with psychic spies from China and they want to do nothing more than steal purity from the clean minds of your child.  They want to muck up your child’s mind with sheer evil.

    Let us be upset with Obama and say ‘boo’ unto him, for he his a deceitful man who has taken to recruiting the youngest, brightest minds of our nation to be no good donkey Democrats.

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