• Asians Create New Puppy Killing Praying Mantis

    November 27, 2009 8:18 am 18 comments

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    Dan Nordgren


    We already know the laboratories of Asian scientists are the most deprived places on Earth, but now today we have more proof of their commitment to creating genetic monstrosities and terrors.

    Recent photographic evidence obtained from one of their staging grounds reveal that they have somehow used their dark powers to create enhanced praying mantises. From the name of the creature, you would think it was moral but not after they engineered Satan right into the poor insect’s genome.

    They have somehow made it so that this bug can sacrifice itself and kill any mammal of which it comes into contact. We already know that Chinese are trying to make their kids tough with energy experiments but even their insects? This is very troubling and hopefully we will receive more word on how this insect was able to kill the innocent golden puppy in cold blood.

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