• Atheist Liberals Need to Stop Mocking Vice-President Cheney

    November 20, 2009 11:21 pm 70 comments
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  • It has come to my attention that some heathen Atheist Liberals find it funny to compare our great, noble Vice President, Dick Cheney, to the comic book Spider-Man super villain, The Penguin. They are doing this via the tubes of the internets, by posting misleading pictures of the two men poised next to each other.

    This is disgusting, veil, dispicable, unpatriatic behavior and must be stopped immediately. If only this was the 1600`s and we could hang traitors to the government by there toes. Alas, it is not to be. At least until we elect Sarah Palin into the WHITE House in 2012.

    I have attached below but a few of these pathetic attempts at humor. Please make sure to have all women and children leave the room before viewing these pictures, as some of them are quite disturbing.

    Penguin Cheney 1

    Penguin Cheney 2

    Penguin Cheney 3

    Penguin Cheney 4

    Penguin Cheney 5

    Penguin Cheney 6

    Penguin Cheney 7

    Penguin Cheney 8

    Penguin Cheney 9

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    shameful_truth I look forward to laughing with the Angels, Cherubs, Jesus, and Jerry Fallwell as we look down at the Heathens, roasting in Hell, while we sit back sipping martinis, listening to St. Michael play on his harp while we debate our favorite episodes of 7th Heaven.

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