• Atheists Train Children To Boycott Christians (picture evidence)

    November 19, 2009 9:28 am 48 comments

    Well, well, well. Why am I not surprised?

    Today we received an email evidence that proves atheists are fear-mongering cult artists who train their children to be against Christ.

    How sick is it that atheists take their kids from a young age, and indoctrinate them full of hate? Racial conflict, wars and lapse of societal equality for all; this is all the product of non-progressive atheists who are hellbent on making sure their children do not have open minds.

    Just look at this following photo. Someone has made this little one to be yoked with a placard which reads “Reject Christ, Receive Bacon”.

    You may allow your wife and children to look at this lesson, so they may witness the sad works of atheists and the bigoted lifestyles their children must endure.

    How terribly sad. If this is were only several hundred years ago, we could hurriedly kick in the door to their foul homes and demand they stop this filth! They would accept our nation’s Christian laws of peace and equality or get out of our lands!

    You see friends, this day and age, where the world is interconnected via instant communication and knowledge is free, it is sad that these Godless people can be so close-minded. It is just more evidence how grown people who refuse Christ in their hearts have no place in a modern world and are best burning in hell.

    These people are sadists who victimize all around them. Look at how they have forced this child to wear an Elizabethan era dress and if you look closely, have forced her to also pass out propaganda pamphlets.

    If wish this were only several hundred years ago, because we could ride straight into their homes and demand they renounce their hateful ways and embrace ours or else! Gallows, drawn and quartered! Death!

    The only way to fight atheist bigotry is with love and a return to our nation’s Christian foundations. These sickos wonder why there is so much violence, disease and dropout in school? It is because since 1962, the Supreme Court has helped the leftwing conspiracy to destroy our nation’s Godly tradition. They have banned prayer, but let children walk around on the playground with signs such as this.

    They let kids bribe anti-Christ behavior with bacon, but not reach out with the fellowship of love by giving a friend a prayer to cure them of unathleticism or perhaps some other sickness.

    We must put God back into our public schools, national prayers and lifestyle. Look at the state of our nation right now, and you see where atheism leads us. The more we allow them to indoctrinate our children with hate, the more wars, poverty and strife we will have to endure in this fallen world.

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