• Barack Obama, Is He The Devil?

    November 19, 2009 11:06 am 25 comments
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  • For the past year we have explored the life and times of America’s unfortunate president, Barack Hussein Obama. Many aspects of his being and life overlap with the Antichrist, while others do not.

    Given the lack of atmosphere for Armageddon, I’m inclined to say that Obama is not the Antichrist of prophecy. This fact does not bar him from actually being a tool of Satan, however, and that is what is important to realize.

    My friends, Obama supports abortion and an eye-lusting womanizer. We have seen him bow down to the Saudi king and still say he’s not influenced by oil lobbies.

    Barack Obama is a living hypocrite who continues to fight two wasteful wars, increase our taxes and spend all of our resources on frivolous ends. His heart and mind is not set for leadership, because he’s not being led by the Heavenly Father. That’s because he’s not a Christian.

    Here our colleagues Lou Dobbs and Bill discuss the topic on length a bit more. When we discussed this last week, Bill also made the excellent point that Obama may even mean well in some of his endeavors, but cannot realize when he’s falling into the wiles of Satan.

    It’s just for that reason that in 2012, we need to make sure to elect a Christian leader who is capable of speaking to God and making decisions based on their faith, much like our sage and noble President George W. Bush.

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