• Blackening Parties Plague Our Nation’s High School Culture

    November 21, 2009 6:29 am 11 comments
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    Scott Grunhard


    Preppies. Goths. Morals. The Emos. Jocks.

    These are only but a small group of stereotypical cliques that unfortunately form and fill out within our nation’s in our high schools. The life of many teens can be based on the need for identity, and unfortunately, the need for ‘grouping’ takes priority in the life of many.

    There is a new group developing within the ranks and it is alarming for all parenting; this group is calling themselves the Farks, a play on Fake and Darks.

    The Farks typically dress in urban rap attire and have naturally white skin, but are known to darken it in between ranges of Orange and Dark Brown. Their hair style is usually worn in a spiked manner, and their faces are many times the only part of the body very tanned.

    Here is photographic documentation grouped and sent to us by our affiliates at BF:

    Frightening. The psychological implications aside, one also has to be concerned about the carcinogenic affect of over-tanning and the chemicals used in the process.

    If you happen to hear about your child attending a darkening party (sometimes also called farkening parties), immediately ground them. The danger of altering one’s skin tone is a tragic and will set a dangerous course of identity issues and obsession with plastic surgery, much as suffered by the late Michael Jackson.

    Considering the fact that children have had over 70% of their bodies burned in tanning salons, with 80% of tanning bed operators known to regularly let children as young as 15 get tans without parental permission, it is very scary to know the following on top of this:

    “”Exposure to UV radiation from indoor tanning lamps has been linked with both melanoma and squamous cell cancer, and first exposure before age 35 years may increase melanoma risk by as much as 75 percent,” said researcher Latrice C. Pichon, San Diego State University and colleagues in the Archives of Dermatology.” -1

    Add those figures to the implications of your teens sitting around your home, spraying each other’s bodies with tanning spray, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Let’s put an end to this clique before it forms, parents.

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