• Blacks Using New Tshirts To Entice Children

    November 19, 2009 9:56 am 27 comments
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  • The blacks have unveiled a new t-shirt fashion named “Black By Popular Demand”. They are going around our malls and selling these shirts, telling youth that if they were them they will be “cool” and “hipped hopped”.

    These shirts are very long and white, much like a woman’s dress. Blacks usually tell their customers to accessorize these dresses with oversized pants, shoes and a shiny stocking cap to cover the head.

    Sure, some people may think it’s “cool” to shoot guns, steal from hard-working people and walk around drinking beer and smoking drugs all day. Who needs college and a good job when all you are worried about is getting fresh with the “hoecakes” as the blacks disrespectfully call women.

    I’m not being racist so don’t try to label me as such. I’m just saying that the urban culture is not something to worship and these t-shirts are encouraging kids to be something they are not.

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