• Boy Claims To Find Real Live ET – Weekend Coffee with Dan Nordgren

    November 21, 2009 7:07 am 6 comments
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  • Weekend Coffee with Dan Nordgren

    Boy Claims to Find Real Live ET

    I find this all to be very unlikely, but it was sent to us this morning.  Just like dinosaur bones, aliens are the work of demons.

    Immoral Japanese Create New Sex Toy Phone

    There is no culture out of touch with morality more than the Japanese.  They build robotic terrors and anime pornagraphy shrines.  Now they have added sexual erotica telephones to their little resumes.  Warning:  The following image media contains images of immoral technology.  Only qualified men may observe after praying and clearing the room of any women/children.

    Immoral Japanese Erotica Phone

    Oprah Sadly Leaves Talk Show

    Tears were shed last week as Oprah announced she will be ending her great talk show in 2011. On a personal level, Oprah is in need of help as she believes in new-age ‘spirituality’, which is basically just modern witchcraft. If it were 300 years ago we’d have to toss her in a river to make sure she wasn’t possessed.

    But this is the modern era and we will just pray for her, which is almost as good as a river cleansing. How sad is it that dangerously black rapper 50 Cent claims us white people only like Oprah because “she caters to white people“?

    Pray For Obama Bumper Stickers

    We still have these while supplies last! Let us pray for our president each and every day.

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