• Brett Favre Is The Greatest Quarterback of All Time

    November 2, 2009 12:42 pm 1 comment
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  • Brett Favre stands alone and grizzled, like a viking hero of old lore. He can wield a football and armor to defeat any opponent, even when he places a strategic ‘loss’ to the defending champion Pittsburgh Steelers so as to make a surprise attack and victory down the road. Grizzled, tough, determined. That is Brett Favre, the greatest quarterback in all of NFL history.

    Critics ballyhooed as the 40 year old and twice retired champion decided to grace the NFL once again. They pondered if the old man could possibly still have some go in leading his team to victory.  The answer is clear and Favre has shown that the Legend of Lambeau has no bounds.

    Look at these MVP stats from this year:
    2009 Stats

    *Note, that the loss to the Steelers was strategic and he could have really won that game had he so willed it.

    It is sad that the media is not doing more to sing praises to Favre and the greatest team on Earth, the Vikings, allowing everyone to know they’re witnessing the greatest quarterback lead the greatest team to a sure Super Bowl appearance and victory. Yesterday ESPN only dedicated 20 minutes of Sportscenter marveling about his triumph. I’m not sure if it’s jealousy or bias, but Favre only has the 4th highest QB ranking this season.

    Despite the anti-Favre crowds in Green Bay, full of Fredos and Judas’, the clock ticks on and Favre continues to lead the pack. Not the Green Bay Packers who were destroyed by the Vikings in easy manner, but the 2010 NFL Champions from the twin cities.

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