• Chinese Diners Eat Live Fried Fish on YouTube

    November 18, 2009 10:17 am 28 comments

    When God created all animals on Earth, he ordered us to treat them and eat them with respect.

    Now the Godless Chinese are doing just the opposite and forcing this poor fish to know it’s being eaten alive.

    Several months ago, Chinese chef scientists allegedly devised a way to fry the skin of a fish, but not kill the fish itself. As the fish is being fried, it is alive and can feel its flesh being breaded then seared.

    If that’s not traumatizing enough, the fish is then eaten live at their restaurants. It has to feel its fried body being eaten bite by bite by their little pointy teeth. I wish this were 60 years ago because I’d order Japan to keep attacking them and no help from America!

    Here is the video. These sickos are celebrating the torture and murder of an innocent animal, and I hope they all get struck down by swine flu, great floods and plague before this year is over! Animals!

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