• Clemson Women’s Rowing Team Causes University Sins

    November 14, 2009 8:00 pm 14 comments

    Our adversaries at College Humor have been up to their old tricks again, distracting hard-working students with unnatural porn watching and photographs of women’s clothed separator flaps.

    Before we go any further my friends, let’s remember forbidden fruits make many jams. The female secret place is kept secret because there’s nothing but sin within and Satan loves nothing more than toasting his bread and then spreading the fornicated nectars of debauchery all over the place.

    College Humor’s writers know this and therefore published photos of the Clemson University women’s rowing team wearing outfits that were too tight and accidentally exposed their separator flaps. They did this to entice young students to make lewd comments and surf for more pictures of this stuff. Sick!

    We’ve already contacted Stephanie Belsky and demanded a formal apology from College Humor. It seems every month they come out with a new controversy and we pray they learn their lesson and beg forgiveness.Warning: The following image media may only be reviewed by qualified men strong in the faith for parenting/ministerial review. Please first pray and then order any women/children to immediately leave the room before reviewing.

    Picture Evidence: College Humor Praises Camel Toe Sins
    Photo 1

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