• Dog Tries To Eat Baby Squirrel, Bigger Squirrel Saves the Day

    November 25, 2009 8:43 am 24 comments
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    There are times when even man’s best friend can commit acts as sick as a cat. In today’s look at nature, we see a dog is trying to eat an innocent baby squirrel.

    Bystanders at the park report that the baby squirrel innocently scurried down the tree, taking on a unusually ardent winter’s day. It toyed with an acorn on the ground and hopped around, carefree, enjoying its life.

    Suddenly and without precedent, a large dog with black skin appeared! As would be expected, the black dog tried to rob the baby squirrel of its life!

    Children who had to bear witness to the scene started to cry as the dog mauled and savaged the squirrel baby into the dirt. One older gentleman fell off his walking cane as he tried to hurry over to shoo the dog, receiving several scrapes and grievous  injuries in the process.

    Just when it looked like all hope was lost for this baby squirrel, angels interceded and emboldened the heart of a father squirrel who was in the tree.

    Like a mighty rushing wind, the brave squirrel jaunted down the branches and blitzed down the mighty oak’s trunk. With hairs on end and powerful front teeth unleashed, the squirrel delivered a divinely inspired furious furry frenzy upon the black dog. In unprecedented nature, the dog became sorely afraid and halted its attack on the baby.

    This provided the squirrels just enough time to escape their demon infected enemy. Glory!  Here is the photographic documentation taken by an onlooker to this amazing event:

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    How sad that a noble dog would stoop to such lows. While I’m not surprised this dog is black, there is no excuse for it to do something that would make even a witch woman’s cat not so bad.

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