• Facebook Launches Evolution Jesus Fish Magnets

    November 23, 2009 2:14 pm 7 comments
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    Karen Gray


    The once Christian website Facebook is now turning more atheist every day. It used to be a fun place for friends to catch up with each other and sure news about awesome new things in their lives.

    Now it’s all being turned into a political propaganda mill. Today when logging in, many people were forced to see the following ad:

    Very immoral. The advertisement is a part of a new atheist campaign to demonize Christian symbols, all under the banner convertafish.com.

    This dangerous sites make a joke about connecting feet to “Jesus Fish” via magnets, and even gives a tutorial on how to sneak up to a Christian’s car and attach feet to their fish, in order to offend us.

    I find it childish and ruse, but this is the behavior that typifies atheists. It’s just too bad that Facebook is actually allowing this to be advertised and I’ve forwarded a complaint to them about the offense to everyone.

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    Karen Gray Karen Gray is a student of journalism at LMU and international events columnist for the CW.

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