• Further Evidence That the Sweeds are Trying to Replace God

    November 18, 2009 4:27 pm 122 comments

    We all know that, Nazi-ism aside, Sweden is a vile, evil country bent on world-domination and other evil deeds.

    But here we have more evidence that the Sweeds have been up to no good nefariousm. This latest plot of the Sweeds has been in the works for over two-hundred years, and only now are we starting to see the evidence start to surface.

    It all started in the late 1700`s when a Swedish scientist by the name of Conrad Dippel, today more commonly known as Victor Frankenstein, attempted to make himself God by creating a living, breathing man from the scraps of the dead.

    The Monster of Conrad Dippel, AKA Victor Frankenstein

    Mary Shelley chronicled the exploits of Dippel in her novel, Frankenstein, which has led to the wide-spread confusion that the entire story was false. It was not.

    And we now have proof that the Satanic experiments of Conrad Dippel did not stop with his own timely demise.

    Officials from two museums in Sweden have handed over the remains of five indigenous Maori people to their New Zealand counterparts.

    The remains include one almost complete skeleton, a skull, and three other skeleton parts.

    There we have it. Evidence that the Sweeds have been harboring body parts for who knows how long, no doubt in an attempt to continue work of Herr Dippel.

    My Christian friends, we must take every effort we can to stop the Sweeds from continuing these Devilish devices. We must make the message clear to Sweden and the rest of the world that life will not be tampered with, and that very big nukes wait for those who do.

    God Bless America!

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