• Girl Soccer Fight, New Mexico Soccer Ashley Lambert Beats up BYU Mormons

    November 7, 2009 11:04 am 21 comments

    Women sports are usually boring and somewhat watching your two pet turtles having a race; the little critters have heart but the talent and excitement is muted.

    This all changed yesterday in a soccer match between the University of New Mexico and Bringham Young University.

    A woman named Ashley Lambert, who plays for New Mexico, just couldn’t stand her opponents. She competed so hard that she decided to implement hair pulling, yanking her opponents down and dropped elbows. Exciting!

    Third world games like soccer may not be fun to watch, and when you mix that up with the WNBA of the feet it gets that much more boring, but this clip is very exciting.

    Hopefully this teaches the Mormons a lesson for what they did to Oklahoma University quarterback Sam Bradford.

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