• God Is Punishing Lindsay Lohan

    November 7, 2009 12:26 pm 11 comments
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  • Lindsay Lohan is being punished by God, as told by her father Michael Lohan.

    Our friends at Fox News give fair and balanced coverage on this important news:

    Lindsay Lohan was very unhappy when her father released secretly recorded telephone conversations between the two of them.

    Who wouldn’t be?

    But Lindsay may now be looking fondly back on those halcyon days when her dad was just airing their dirty laundry.

    Because now he’s bringing the wrath of the Almighty down on her.

    SLIDESHOW: Lindsay Lohan’s troubled life.

    Michael Lohan told the New York Post that Lindsay’s career trajectory was a message straight from The Big Guy himself.

    “No wonder why God is taking her entire career away from her,” Michael Lohan told the paper. “Because she’s forsaken everything He’s given her and she’s done nothing but misuse all the gifts she’s given.”

    Following this logic, could another of God’s punishments be giving Lindsay a father who is making a career out of trying to destroy his troubled daughter in the press?

    PHOTOS: Click for more pics of Lindsay Lohan at X17Online.com.

    Because that sounds like what he is intent on doing.

    After Lindsay called her dad a “loser,” and Twittering that she had once been afraid he would kill her mother, dad responded to the Post: “I guess Lindsay is on more drugs than I thought to say something like that. Now I’m going to release more recordings that prove everything she is saying is nothing more than a bunch of lies.”

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