• Happy Thanksgiving America

    November 26, 2009 9:37 am 14 comments
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  • As you welcome your family and visit Wal-mart to get the last forgotten items for your Thanksgiving meal, Happy Thanksgiving dear friends.

    On this day several hundred years ago, in 1620 to be exact, God blew upon the crisp, white sails of the Mayflower and ordered the first true proto-Americans to set foot in their new country; America.

    The land was beautiful, yet savage and untamed. In its overgrown forests and grasses crawled buffalo, grizzly bears, Indians and mountain lions! Uncut and savage!

    This was all about to change. The first Pilgrim set his foot upon Plymouth Rock on December 11, 1620. The Pilgrims, who numbered 102, quickly established a civilized village, as the winter was very cold and harsh.

    After that first tough winter, the Pilgrims established the strong American agricultural market that we still enjoy today. They prayed to God for good rains and Sun and grew all sorts of crops — old and new they found in the wild — in bounty; corn, squash, pumpkins, wheat, cow peas, potatoes, and a bit of everything else.

    As the new winter approached in November of 1621, the colony of Plymouth was already having a Golden age. Everyone was making merry and enjoying the fruits of their labor, when suddenly, a child cried out!

    A wild-eyed creature with bright face paint, bird feathers in its head and only dressed in a skirt was holding her baby brother at tomahawk point! Alarmed and angered, the Pilgrim men grabbed their pebble shooters and approached this strange savage, who had the countenance of a human but the mannerisms of beast!

    Who would dare enter their camp and threaten one of their children? Before firing their weapons, however, one Pilgrim named John Smith Jr. looked back into a forest path, and saw several shivering women and children. Suddenly, it all clicked in his mind. “These are the Indians the writings of Columbus warned about, I bet they need our help.”

    Instead of chastising the large, wild man who threatened their kid, the Pilgrims brought him a blanket and some hot tea. They motioned to the forest for whoever was hiding to come join them, and out emerged 92 Indians!

    Quickly, the proto-American women began to cook a massive meal. Cornbread, stuffing, gravies, truss turkey, hams, pumpkin pie. Sweet potato pies, greens, beans, peas, the works! Everything! Apple cider, ducks, geese, venison, pastries. The Pilgrim women made it all.

    It’s said those 92 Indians had never eaten such a meal. The Pilgrims also shared proper medicine with them and tried to communicate tips on how to teach the Indians to live in the bitter north parts of our country in the winter. They didn’t tell them to get out, but instead, embraced them with the warm arms of Christian love and brotherhood.

    When everything was prepared, they all sat down together at large, connected tables and joined hands. They bowed their heads and said the first Thanksgiving Prayer, mouths ready to eat great food and laugh as they shared company with new friends.

    That was the first true Thanksgiving. The coming together of a civilized people and a needy feathered. A story of how instead of resorting to war, two different groups instead had a feast together and became the best of friends, giving thanks for the company of one another.

    And though the Indians had much to be grateful for, from the food to the medicine to the amicable response given in response to their threats of mean violence, the Pilgrims were also grateful for their new friends to keep them company in their new country, where one day Manifest Destiny would lead them to make the most peaceful, bountiful and accepting land on Earth. Glory.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

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