• Help Celebrate National Day of Outrage Against Atheists

    November 6, 2009 7:48 pm 33 comments
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  • Atheist people love to oppress others.  Hi, I’m Bishop Trotter.  On each and every continent, they have repeatedly scavenged all land, resources and supplies their callous hands could pillage and exploit. That trend continues to this very day, but in oh so much subtle and secret fashion. It’s no coincidence that most atheists tend to be white.

    That’s why this year we are having a National Day of Outrage. It is a day to celebrate how outraged we are about atheist social injustice, a day to protest how atheists try to ban Christmas plays that have a black Jesus!

    Such racism is ugly and foul! It is the ugly leftovers of a society that used to feast on discrimination and oppression!

    This November we will gather together in love and unity to angrily march against this new oppression. We WILL march against atheism. We WILL march to let atheist’s know they will NOT ban Jesus, Joseph and Mary this Christmas because deep down, they know they are brown!

    Can I get a witness?

    These underhanded version of underhanded Jim Cow oppression will be overhanded and weeded out of our land!

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    Bishop T.J. Born and raised in South Chicago, Bishop Trotter is a political analyst and champion for American injustice, an activist for equality and a religious leader ALL people.

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