• How American Healthcare Killed My Father

    November 7, 2009 11:10 am 7 comments
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  • If this were the 16th century and we were able to throw Obama’s administration into a river, they would all float. That’s because they are witches and mix up nothing but a spell of lies and deceit in their cauldron of political sins.

    My friends, Obama’s worst recipe is his Obamacare plan. Under it, all senior citizens would be without private healthcare and forced to depend on government healthcare. Obama already let us know he hates old people almost more than he does babies, so instead of giving them medicine he’d rather just let them die.

    That would give him and future Democrats the funds they need for nonsense like education reform and social welfare. Greedy sickos!

    Imagine what school would be like for our future children if ObamaCare is passed?

    Little do we need to mention that everyone would end up writing a treatise about how American healthcare killed my father at some point, because under Obama’s plan every old person dies. That’s just not right.

    This is just a little reminder to petition your Congressional leaders and tell them to ban Obama and his foolish health plans.

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