• Journalists Denied Entry to Scandal-Plagued Ivy College Sex Event

    November 25, 2009 7:47 am 159 comments

    brown sex power god scandal

    Sex and drunkenness are all too familiar backdrops to college life these days. For parents, school officials and local authorities, it has become an ongoing scandal in every state. Yet one federally funded institution has dangerously upped the ante in this high-stakes poker game of indulgence by embracing and even financing the very worst of its students’ risky escapades.

    In October, I requested press credentials to cover a public event at the crown jewel of the so-called “Ivy League” group of elitist colleges. For the rich and famous, it is one of the most hallowed spaces for fresh 18-year olds in America today: Brown University. The public event is titled, “Sex Power God” and it is an infamous campus party. Originally conceived as a gay activist meeting, “Sex Power God” has grown over the years to become, in essence, a drug-fueled condemnation of Christianity laced with unsafe group sexual encounters and radically anti-American ideologies. I wanted to be forthright about my intentions to videotape students and, as a member of the press, it did not seem appropriate for me to pay the expensive entry fee.

    brown sex power god scandal

    The party reached public infamy in 2005 when newscaster Bill O’Reilly infiltrated the premises with a video camera. The story of public sex and overdosed kids in ambulances sent shockwaves around the world. It particularly hit home for the middle class families struggling to pay the tuition for the supposedly “world class” education that Brown offers. School and local officials were called to task and promises were made to better control or discontinue the event. But instead, with a nod to some of the wealthiest and most politically connected families in America (think Kennedys, Rockefellers, Speilbergs, Pelosis), the school chose to limit outside access to the bacchanal. Fearful of the might and money of its donors, administrators pushed the party underground and have since cordoned off all press access to the point of even denying that the school has an anti-Christian homosexual party at all.

    I had requested a press pass on numerous occasions and information on the time and place of this event. I received a polite reply from a woman named Aida (last name withheld out of respect for her family) that my email would be handled promptly and expected my credentials would be in the mail shortly. For major events, the press is traditionally awarded access. That access, protected by the US Constitution under the free press and free speech clauses, is a linchpin in the functioning of any democracy. It keeps people honest to know they can be exposed for their crimes and debauchery at any moment. Oftentimes, members of the press are invited to cover events on “junkets” where their accommodations and travel are paid for, just like the White House Press Corps which flies for free on the President’s plane, or Sports Reporters who are given great seats and free meals in their press boxes at baseball games. I did not expect anything fancy from Brown University, just a simple servicing of my needs and a decent hotel.

    But I never heard back from the homosexuals at Brown. Shockingly, I only found out after the fact that the party was held at all. The outrageous details that a secret source has since provided give me no doubt that the university suppressed my civil rights to keep information about the party from being aired to the public.

    brown sex power god scandal

    “A student came in amazing fetish gear– an intense black vinyl corset, a collar, thigh-high boots, lace gloves, and some beautiful ruffled underwear. I also saw intense body art done with liquid latex and body paint. Guys in corsets, girls in mustaches and boxers, androgynous people that make you do a double-take.” –One Student Describing “Sex Power God”

    This esteemed place of higher education receives a scandalous amount of tax breaks from the State of Rhode Island (a state, I should note, which only last month outlawed underage strippers and prostitutes). It also takes in millions in federal grants and scholarship funding. Despite all these advantages, it is a notorious party school. Whereas other universities are known for their fraternity life– where indoctrination can include a little beer drinking and some light-hearted male-oriented fun– Brown has an underground reputation for its uniquely elite brand of extreme perversity.

    Brown caters to those kids not old money enough to get into Harvard, not smart enough to get into Yale, not preppy enough to get into Princeton or Dartmouth, and too lazy to travel out west to Stanford. Coddled by a spineless academic system, these are students who would flounder in the face of a real core curriculum and real courses like you find at Northwestern or John Hopkins. Their shrill and indulgent activist voices would be drowned out by the football cheers and working class pragmatism of places like Texas A&M or Case Western. These kids would be sidelined to glee clubs and humdrum dorms on the outskirts of campus if they were enrolled at local schools like Providence College or Boston University.

    brown sex power god scandal

    Yet these are also students with incredibly rich parents who will stop at nothing to purchase privilege and power. They are the children of some of our raunchiest celebrities, the most nouveaux of the nouveaux riche and the powerhouses of the international diplomatic community. They use their attendance at the school as a form of indoctrination into upper class entitlement where the normal rules of decency and clean behavior do not apply. It is a place where the next generation of Hollywood power players and billionaire philanthropists explore their darkest, most obscene fantasies. And they do it on an epic scale.

    “There was so much nipple play… And French-style kissing, male and female masturbation, public nudity, homosexual situations, anonymous gropings, anal sex in the bathroom stalls…” — Another Student Speaks Out

    Sadly enough, if you had met these children on the street or in your local coffee shop, you might find them bothersome, dirty, unapproachably foreign, frighteningly unpredictable and plain old unnecessary. They have no promise or beauty about them. The greatest impact a Brown grad may have on the cultural scene of this country is likely to be deciding how low some trailer trash music sensation’s low cut jeans should go. Otherwise, you’ll find them fetching coffee for their better-prepared Ivy League brothers at Goldman Sachs or Merrill Lynch. Or maybe they join “Teach For America” long enough to convince their rich parents to buy them a BMW and a summerhouse.

    brown sex power god scandal

    The anonymous tip I received about the party goes into explicit and intense detail about the proceedings of “Sex Power God,”:

    “Young men with barely a hair below their chins lured into corners by older Brown “bears,” androgene Asians writhing and squealing on sweaty couches, coins exchanged for boy gropings, girls without bras squeezing each others’ young breasts and showing off pert nipples, WASPs barely out of prep school showing off their hard lacrosse bodies, skinny Euros smelling of hand-rolled cigarettes leering at each and every American body part, jocks spitting into the mouths of effeminate boys, girls urinating standing up…” –From An Anonymous Email Regarding Brown’s Sex Event

    This school-sanctioned raunch-fest was followed up by many “after hours” group parties in campus hallways, bathrooms and dorm rooms where the hormonal intensity climaxed and loudly. The overtly sexual and outrageous nature of this event is a regular aspect of the Brown campus scene. Only a week after “Sex Power God,” the university financed another party with the title “Scandalous” that grew so out of control that a pack of drunken students stole a gun from a local security guard. Numerous arrests and pepper spray were needed to quell down the crowd. Providence Police Chief Dean Esserman recently gave this scurrilous institution a much-needed jolt of common sense when he stated, “We’re against anything Brown ever wants to permit.”


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