• Liberal Website Claims Michelle Obama, Michael Jackson is a Monkey Ape

    November 30, 2009 12:52 pm 4 comments
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    Oh what a sad day it is in America, where the liberal left wing media just keeps racism going and going. They have no respect for the sensitive nature of race relations in our fine land, even attacking the deceased to further their hateful agenda.

    As you know, in America slavery sadly used to exist. Democrats from the South brought over our African friends by the boatload and forced them to work or get whipped. Then one day, President Abraham Lincoln, a white Christian Republican man, said enough was enough. He freed the slaves and said all men are created equal.

    The liberals in this country still do not want to abide by our President Lincoln’s able words and edict, so they have created a new website to try to claim black people are apes.

    Earlier this week, they caused major controversy when they said that none other than Michelle Obama was an ape.

    Then, next, we see they have created this sad, vile image of former music entertainer Michael Jackson. They even take their Democrat message abroad by defiling the faces of our hopeful friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran and Jewish Sarah Silverman.

    They are even so Democrat with the sexism and racism they have attacked Sarah Palin.

    Dear friends, it does not matter if one is black or white. We Christians are Republican Americans and therefore not racist. You can hate a culture and all the evil you do just fine, but to create such mean images is just sick and has no place in our progressive time under the leadership of the church. Sickos who support those type of things need to get out of our country. Amen.

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