• Massachusetts Woman Sees Jesus In Her Iron

    November 28, 2009 12:08 pm 13 comments
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    Oh praise the Lord, dear friends. He has once again revealed himself, this time to a woman who was doing her natural duties with an iron.

    Jesus appears on the iron of Mary Jo Coady, rewarding her for sticking to her natural duties.

    A Massachusetts woman named Mary Jo Coady was recently separated from her husband, yet remained faithful to her duty of ironing clothes. As she ironed several collared shirts and perhaps some slacks, she saw an image of Jesus Christ on her iron. This revelation divinely inspired her mind to think “life is going to be good.”

    Mary Jo, 44, was raised Catholic and specifically noticed the image as she walked into her daughter’s room with the iron. Her two college-age daughters also immediately agreed that the image was none other than Jesus and more proof that “he is listening”.

    My friends, this excellent news is more proof of how people are awarded for being good. This woman made God proud by ironing clothes just as a woman should, then again by checking in on her daughters. If you want to see the face of God, my friends, make sure women stick to their natural duties.

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