• NBC Katie Couric Caught Drunk Booty Dancing

    November 27, 2009 8:25 am 6 comments
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  • The liberal media always tries to act like they are all about morality and values, the people who travel on the high road of life and aren’t everyday people like us common folk.

    Well now we have more proof that they are all veiled lies! Liberal media’s favorite daughter, Katie Couric, has been caught dancing like a black women and seducing men with hip gyrations!

    I bet I know why Obama is so eager to invite her to the White House now. Michelle Obama better keep her keen eyes peeled because you know this sort of stuff is what 87% of black men fantasize about according to studies.

    You would never see a proper journalist such as Ann Coulter or Michelle Malkin doing such primal dances with no shame! Look at how she lets Satan enter her body and cause her to twist and shout all over. Sick liberal media! This is just more proof of why we can only trust places like Fox and CW Ministries for news, no NBC!

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