• Obama Bows Before Japanese Emperor

    November 15, 2009 4:48 am 27 comments

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    Obama has betrayed America! He is bowing down to the very mongrols that decided to bomb our innocent soldiers of a day of infamy! Obama has disrespected the memories of every war hero who traveled to the Eastern hemisphere to defeat the Jap NAZIs!

    I knew Obama hated our troops but this just takes the cake. How dare he bow down to Japan’s shifty eyed king just hours after Veteran’s day!

    The Japanese never properly apologized and try to make it look like we didn’t gently encourage them to sign a treaty with us. We could have ransacked their lands as they did the primitive Chinese, but no, as a moral nation we gave them two warnings to simply obey us so we could help them repent for what they did.

    Now look! Obama has overturned the treaty and bows before Japnese. Harry Truman was a Democrat but at least he had the decency to show Japan what happens when you mess with America. Nuke!

    Now Obama bows down before the Japanese. I wish I had a Senate seat because I would storm the halls and demand impeachment! This is a disrespect to Democracy, our troops and our freedom!

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