• President Hussein “the Bane“ Continues to Reign his Campaign of Disdain by Shoving Evolutionism into Our Children`s Brains

    November 23, 2009 4:16 pm 90 comments
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  • We all know that ni – socialists like Hussein Obama cannot be trusted, for they are a vile, veil evil race that love to push their homogay atheist agenda on us all.

    And now, he is furthering this web of deceit by furthering his agenda of forcing schools to teach evolutionism and other Satanic sciences to our children. Are you as disgusted as I am? Good. Because it`s about to get worst.

    We all also know that Sesame Street is a disgusting children`s show that promotes homogayality (Bert and Ernie), drug use (Cookie Monster and SNuffelufugus), uncleanliness (Grouch), Blind Mexicans (Maria), Vampirism (the Count), pedofilia (Elmo), Satanic demon music (Monster), and beastiality (Rubber Ducky).

    But now it seems that Hussein Obama has joined forces with Sesame Street and they are going to unite together in unholy matrimony to spread the lies of Satan.

    My White Christian friends, this cannot be allowed! Please right to your local congressmen today and insist that Hussein is impeached and Sesame Street removed from the air before they are allowed to rape our childrens minds with their veil lies.

    You may find Sesame Street and Hussein`s allegiance harmless now, but will you find it harmless when you return home from work one afternoon to find your ten year old son pillaging the sinhole of your next-door neighbor`s son while eating merryjewanna cookies and snorting snuff while biting other school children on the neck to suck their blood while chanting “one batty, batty, batty, ah, ah, ah!“ and going up to his Uncle Mort and asking him to “tickle“ him while singing the “Manamana Song,“ after not having bathed in over a month because his Blind Mexican teacher told him bathing is over rated, and doing obscene acts to a Rubber Ducky? Not so harmless anymore, is it?

    Still don\’t believe me? Just look at the disgusting picture below (assuming, of course, that you are an authorized adult male – if not, leave the room immediately) of the pedofiliac “Elmo“ attempting to perform aural sex on a microphone. Disgusting!

    Elmo Likes it When You Put Things in his Mouth!http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/24/science/24educ.html

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