• Proof: Liberals Have Cloned Sarah Palin To Make Her Look Dumb (photos)

    November 27, 2009 11:06 am 5 comments

    The left-wing conspiracy to make Sarah Palin look dumb when she is actually a very brilliant woman is finally being exposed. Last year, as Governor Sarah Palin campaigned with Christian Senator and United States war hero John McCain (R, AZ), the two proved to be exactly what America needed.

    McCain was a Maverick. A natural leader who was savvy enough to do keep America afloat economically while experienced enough to casually deal with our numerous enemies of terror abroad. Sarah Palin, a sound strategist with a heart for the people and unique insight on how to fix domestic and international affairs through frugality, humility and loving diplomacy.

    All of these qualities were marred, however, by two alleged interviews given by Governor Sarah Palin. During one interview, with Katie Couric, a very odd and off looking Sarah Palin appeared to be very dumb. She stumbled upon very easy questions and was not aware of some pretty basic global events. Every decent conservative cried foul and wondered if Couric and her overlords at NBC had drugged Palin before the interview. Something was amiss.

    Let us not forget that we caught the same Katie Couric exposing her drunken thighs and doing urban black dances at normal people parties.

    As time progressed, it was obvious that NBC had somehow edited all these interviews or had conducted more secret conspiracies to mar Palin’s reputation as an academic and advanced mind. Governor Palin did not even recall the interview with Katie Couric, more substantive proof that there was something wrong with all this. Sadly, America was subdued and fooled, thinking Obama and Biden were somehow smarter than Palin. NBC’s plan had worked.

    Now we have definitive proof of what really happened; NBC has created a clone of Sarah Palin and have coached it to say stupid things in Palin’s behalf.

    No, real Palin does not believe she can see Russia from her porch. No, real Palin does not believe in the government force tying girls down and making them deliver babies. There is no way on our Earth that real Palin did not know about the Bush doctrine or think we have a right to simply nuke countries for disagreeing with us. Sarah Palin’s clone, however, does believe this things.

    At the book signing for Governor Palin’s excellent new autobiography, Going Rogue — a story of an American woman who proves that the American dream is for all — Sarah Palin’s clone showed up. It’s not yet known if it simply wanted to see its origin or if it got loose from NBC’s labs. Maybe they thought they’d just gloat over the last sham elections.

    At any rate, photographic proof of what NBC has done is now available for all to see. They have cloned Sarah Palin and revealed their hand, but stupidly, before the 2012 election. Now in the 2012 campaign, we will know that whenever Palin says something that’s not quite logical or correct, it is most likely another clone of her and the real Palin is incapacitated or drugged somewhere by liberal operatives in DC.

    We contacted NBC and the Obama Administration for interview on this matter, and both have avoided our calls at time of report.

    Photograph Evidence 1: Sarah Palin’s clone who subverted her 2008 Presidential Campaign visits Going Rogue book signing.

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