• Racist Whites Continue To Dislike President Barack Obama

    November 25, 2009 12:21 pm 16 comments

    America currently has the greatest president in history and ignorant whites are too racist to appreciate the great job that he is doing.  Since he was elected, Obama’s approval rating among non-Hispanic whites has steadily decreased.  Now only 4 out of 10 white people approve of President Barack Obama.

    During his first week in office, over 66% of Americans supported Barack Obama. Millions flooded to Washington, D.C., to be inspired after George W. Bush’s dismal presidency that left our nation internationally scorned, financially deprived and socially torn apart.

    Now, for reasons that stem from bigotry, President Barack Obama’s approval rating is down to 49% overall. Only 39% of white people say they like Obama as president, while 73% of nonwhites give him their approval. Only 6% of blacks have betrayed Obama, as his approval rating is still 93% among his people.

    The Bottom Line

    So why is Obama’s support falling so disproportionately quick in white demographics as opposed to black? Greed, ignorance and bigotry.

    Let’s not forget that despite being the best candidate to lead our Christian nation, Obama still lost by double-digits in the white vote to Senator John McCain and the very incompetent Governor Sarah Palin.

    The bottom line is that some whites hate Obama because he respects everyone. Obama was ridiculed for showing respect to people from Iran and Iraq; despite the political differences, he wanted to treat them as he should, humans.

    Socially, Obama wants to spend money on improving the quality of life for all people, not just pandering to rich, white executives of companies that have built themselves of the work of free labor and stolen enterprise of minorities.

    So yes, being a black Democrat who is doing a fine job of leading a nation is grounds for losing support in America. And that’s racist.

    Souce: Gallup

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