• Roger Ebert Dares Blaspheme ChristWire with Onion Accusations on Twitter

    November 4, 2009 6:26 am 8 comments

    Roger Ebert is a man who watches movies and then tells everyone to see or not to see them. Like a Roman Emperor, he has the power of the thumb.

    Thumb up, good. Thumb down, bad. That’s a very good system and I wish our Pope still had such powers so we could cast all Hollywood sinners to lion pits!

    Dan Nordgen knows movie reviews and it’s obvious that 93% of movies out there are deranged and sinister, encouraging kids to do drugs and and join death cults. Roger Ebert praises these films!.

    So what a shock today to see Mr. Roger Ebert dared to attack ChristWire on his Twitter, calling our fine media company an Onion!

    Hear this, Hollywood and you pocket film producers. The only tear-inducing agent you’ll have is the sulfur from hell as Satan stokes your sin-marinated souls! There is nothing moral about Hollywood movies and how they fail to teach valuable life lessons and morality.

    They fail to inspire freedom and liberty like films made by perhaps Kirk Cameron or the feeling after an inspirational speech by noble President George W. Bush.

    So boo to you, Ebert. Hark, for you are angrily judged thumbs down!

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