• Stephen Baldwin: Portrait of A Christian-American Hero

    November 11, 2009 3:33 pm 22 comments
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  • stephen baldwin, superstar

    Stephen Baldwin is a class act. Actor, author, sports enthusiast and family man, he proves that being a born-again Christian is hip and cool in these diverse times. His impressive body of work has made him a highly sought-after talent in film and television right now. Despite the questionable nature of some of his relatives, Stephen has also become one of America’s most profound thinkers today. Yet in the midst of all this fame and glory, Baldwin\’s immediate family and faith are the primary things in his life.

    The youngest of the famous Hollywood Baldwins, Stephen grew up in dire family circumstances. His brothers Alec and Billy are very well known alcoholics, egomaniacs and liberal activists who most recently drew the public’s attention with their attacks on Governor Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign. Stephen overcame the scourge of his family relations and also problems with bankruptcy to become one of the few Hollywood actors versatile enough for key roles in everything from The Usual Suspects to Bio-Dome.

    stephen baldwin, superstar

    His brother Alec, on the other hand, wasted away a promising acting career because he was more obsessed with his image than with his stagecraft. This Baldwin has faced years of scandals, ranging from a vicious divorce from beautiful actress Kim Basinger, to threatening voicemail messages left for children, to public driving accidents and nonstop womanizing. You have to wonder at the terrible shame Stephen must feel for his discredited and debauched brother, what a burden it must be to be related to such a bloated sot who has time and again stated his disdain for American traditions.

    Adept at both drama and comedy, Stephen Baldwin has appeared in over 60 films and been featured on such top-rated television shows as Fear Factor and Celebrity Mole. He has his own production company that is developing projects for television and the big screen. Yet he still finds time for such varied hobbies as billiards, skydiving and superbike racing. His brother Alec, on the other hand, resurfaced only recently from years of obscurity as a regular on the NBC series “30 Rock”. The show is produced by democrat activist Tina Fey, who herself made millions by portraying Governor Palin as less than honorable on the liberal laughfest, “Saturday Night Live.”

    stephen baldwin, superstar

    On Fey’s current show, the elder Baldwin plays a supposedly rightwing corporate leader named Jack Donaghy. Much like Stephen Colbert, Alec uses this fake Republican persona to underhandedly lambaste traditional American values. He constantly mocks the day’s hot topics at the expense of humor and story structure– from Condi Rice to health care to executive salaries. American viewers such as myself can’t help but wonder if NBC is crossing the line with this show. Is it free political advertising for the DNC? Is it fair to secretly slip hardworking Americans an extremist agenda on primetime every week? Should 30 Rock be registered and regulated as a political action committee?

    Currently, Stephen Baldwin is luxuriating in his role as director, co-producer and host of Livin’ It– a cutting-edge skate video that brings out his white hot passion for evangelism. “Livin It is a hard-core look at some of the biggest talents in skateboarding and BMX who show kids that you can live this edgy lifestyle and do it for Jesus Christ,” he says. “So many kids today are lost and searching. We believe that The Breakthrough Ministry will connect with them and get them thinking about living their lives for Jesus Christ.”

    stephen baldwin, superstar

    This is in stunning contrast to his brother Alec, who once stated, “If we were in another country, we would stone Republican Congressman Henry Hyde to death and we would go to their homes and kill their wives and their children.We would kill their families, for what they’re doing to this country.” Further bringing brother Alec’s standards into question, recent reports have shown that he is a supporter of PETA and a board member of the underground group People for the American Way.

    No one knows for sure why Stephen puts up with this terrible brother of his. Alec has grown enormously fat in recent years. Is it the buffet dinners at his democrat fundraisers? The alcohol? He looks like a refrigerator box in an Italian suit, particularly next to tiny Tina Fey. Is she even funny? Alessandra Stanley’s poignant piece in the New York Times last week called 30 Rock a pathetic monstrosity and she was right! Stanley noted, “Ms. Fey isn’t convincing, or funny,” and that “she is at her worst playing a comic version of herself.” I would add that Fey has no sense of humor and her timing is horrendous. The plot of that show is so entirely meaningless I don’t know what to criticize. There’s no substance there to analyze! Tracy Morgan– why the heck is this guy famous again? He’s just an imbecile who mumbles so badly I only understand half of his lines. And the rest of the cast– slutty girls and balding Jewish men, is that some sort of Borscht Belt punch line? 30 Rock, it’s like The Keith Olbermann show hooking up with Mama’s Family– a lot of hollering, smirky looks and lousy makeup.


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