• Vladmir Putin Becomes A Black Rapper

    November 17, 2009 2:06 am 19 comments
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  • Today we see that not even dirty Russian communists are immune to becoming influenced by black people.

    Russian dictator Vladmir Putin can now add the sin of hipped hopping to his resume, as he was caught on tape performing a ‘rap’ in Russian gibberish.

    As you watch the video, notice how his eyes are glossed over from smoking magic mint and he refers to his Russian women as female dogs.

    Black rappers promote a very savage culture that makes good, white kids do bad things. That’s why we have kids bringing guns to school and so much more teen pregnancy these days.

    Now things are just going to get worse in Russia. It’s bad enough to worry about commies with nukes, but now we have to worry about them having such weapons and the standard black attitude that goes along with it. Let’s hope this fad plays out and Putin at least goes back to acting his color. Warning: The following video media shows a communist white who has fallen victim to urban hipped hopped culture. Please first pray and then have women/children immediately leave the room, so they will not be influenced by black devil’s music.

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