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    November 13, 2009 12:31 pm 33 comments

    South Park Episode Dances with Smurfs – Christian TV Review

    South Park is a controversial show that features some good characters who could teach children proper values, but it all gets sullied up by the liberal agenda.

    In episode Dances With Smurfs, the target child audience is greeted with a disturbing scene where a gunman enters the school and decides to kill a child reading announcements. Tragic. Such pixelated violence explains why before they graduate, 58% of American children will engage in school fights and drop out.

    The one glimmering ray of hope in this episode is Eric Cartman, the child who took over the morning announcement duties. In the fashion of true conservative commentator and defender of freedom, Glenn Beck, Eric Cartman brought excellent critique to his school’s bloated socialist structure that lost touch with the needs of the people.

    This is much like the current situation in America today. Barack Obama is a horrible president who has lost touch with the common folk. He creates all these big bureaucratic offices where his cronies use our tax money to live lavish lifestyles, taking time to give billion dollar checks to corporate executives.

    Why is Obama not giving billions of dollars to you or me? Why has Obama and his corrupt administration bankrupt the American people to only serve the interest of his already wealthy financiers and foreign godkings?

    It’s because Obama is a socialist, and only people like Glenn Beck and Eric Cartman in this episode have the gall to call him out. This is a great lesson for children.

    This was all marred, however, as Parker and Stone hate freedom and democracy. They want to corrupt our kids and tried to make it seem that it’s okay for socialism to lead to a future where a children will live in a Stalin styled dictatorship.

    My friends, South Park is as dangerous as it is subversive. They try to lure you into thinking the show is safe by having Eric Cartman give excellent talking points, but by the end try to confuse your children with smurfs and communism. Deceptive!

    Continue to forbid your kids from watching this dangerous show.

    Warning: The following video media contains live footage of children’s television show South Park. Please first pray and then have any women/children leave the room before reviewing.

    Moral Rating: S (Sinister) for…
    communism, socialism, biased attack against conservatism, school violence, guns, cussing, genocide

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