• Will There Be Minorities in Heaven?

    November 15, 2009 11:14 am 134 comments

    My name is Amber Cooper I am very concerned about minorities, to the point of being extremely scared. I’m sure you feel the same way too.

    I cannot go out at night because you never know when a roving black street gang or illegal Mexicans will pop out from nowhere and attack you like they show on the news.

    73% of the violent crimes against humanity and poverty on Earth are the result of minorities.

    I am a mother; a wife. This day and age, it is sad that even in blessed America my family cannot freely roam our country. They must always be on guard. Years ago, our forefathers tamed this land so that savage minorities would stop shooting them with arrows, so we could all get along and travel about in peace and civility.

    And hundreds of years, from the mid-1700s to the 1960s, it was relatively safe to enjoy any part of this country. Aside from a few incidences where minorities showed their typical habits of violence, things were safe and everyone — minorities and us normal people — lived hand-in-hand in security, respect, bliss and in harmony.

    Then for America, things started to fall apart on May 17th, 1954. Warren’s court in Washington, DC, decided to do a social experiment that lead to an unprecedented cultural devolution of our great nation vis-a-vis desegregation.

    And now, on lands where tribal dances used to take place we see drug crimes and gun violence all over the place. Our schools, once gleaming white bastions of high education and wholesome fun are sullied with dark influences that lead to teenage pregnancy, drop outs and bad attitudes.

    Worldwide and historically, we see things are not much different. We only need to look 50 years ago to see how that even without cause, the Chinese attacked poor, young Americans who were serving their country on the beaches of Hawaii. They aligned themselves with the Barbarian German NAZIs, another group of minorities, to try to bring darkness all through the world.

    In Africa, dictators still rule the tribes with bloodied iron fists, exploiting the resources for their greedy ends and not having governments of the people, for the people like we would do if we ruled the land. The ilk of Idi Amin and Robert Mugabe make me sick, but do not surprise me. They are cut from the same cloth as Obama.

    My friends, it goes on and on. South America, Mexico, Russia and the terror lands of the Middle East. Communist Russia. Eastern Europe. The island nations. They are the sons of Ham and are all ruining our chances at peace and prosperity.

    So it’s without surprise that at our last science convention, the question seen here was posed: “Will there be minorities in heaven?”

    And even despite all their shortcomings and standing against our faith and habits, the answer is that only God can judge. Sure, minorities try to act like our religion belongs to them and hate to even think their Savior is white, but even that does not preclude them from receiving mercy and love. Isn’t that wonderful?

    And even though it’s exhausting to always have to be so worried about these heathens, it is the right thing to always say a little prayer for them. They have the short end of the stick in many regards; as we see through history, minorities have a genetic inclination to violence and disrupting peace, exploiting peaceful nations and always trying to come out on top.

    It’s in their blood and we must persevere to teach them a better way, but at the same time, be smart enough to keep our families safe by being wary. It is a tough road to tread, but as people of morality, it is our job to want to make sure even the souls of our melanin friends are one day assimilated, washed sparkly clean and shine bright and white someday at the pearly gates. And that’s wonderful.

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