• World of Warcraft WoW Blizzcon Will Not Be in Las Vegas

    November 16, 2009 7:42 am 20 comments
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  • Violent image from new World of Warcraft game.

    What happens when you mix city debauchery with a demonic game aimed for children? I am not sure, but the recipe for Armageddon and hellfire will not be far off.

    It troubled our hearts when our Action Alert Network monitored chatter between several World of Warcraft terror guilds, which indicated that they were planning one of their orgy conventions (which they call Blizzcons in their vernacular) in the most sinful American city, Las Vegas.

    I immediately called several colleagues to petition against World of Warcraft’s attempt to entice their fans with cheap women, gambling and coke-lined breakfasts in alleys outside Denny’s at 4 am, and thankfully, our prayers and efforts have been answered.

    Today several World of Warcraft internet websites confirmed their disappointment:

    >> IncGamers.com: “We haven’t announced any details regarding our next BlizzCon — though we can confirm that it will not be held in Las Vegas — so we recommend everyone refrain from making any BlizzCon-related travel plans at this time.” Bravo!

    In these dark days and evil hours, it is important that we remain vigilant in fighting threats such as World of Warcraft. This is a dangerous children’s game that has lured many innocent minds into the sick realms of fantasy magic and violence.

    Reports show that at least 63% of children who play World of Warcraft will experience lower grades, while nearly one third more will go on to suffer from depression and anxiety.

    Parents, do you want such sadness in your child’s life? Please remember to search your kid’s room while they are not home, or if they are college-aged, do an impromptu visit to their campus dorm or apartment.

    It is your duty to take this game and burn it. Yes, your children will protest and likely make angry pages on FaceBook, as these students have done here, for what you have done. But in the long run, they will eventually realize that you saved their lives from misery and their soul from eternal damnation.

    Pastor Jack Gould is a leading authority on what it takes for youth to keep their morality and faith intact within an unsaved world.

    Please feel free to join Pastor Jack on Facebook and join the new ChristWire Community page on Facebook.

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