• A Deprived Atheist Child Tells His Christmas Story

    December 26, 2009 1:41 am 8 comments

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    Ever since the Supreme Court illegally banned prayer and teaching about the miracle Christ in schools in 1962, millions of children since have gone without proper education of the holiest night; the night our nation’s Lord and Savior was born to the Virgin Mary, as foretold by prophecy.

    It is sad to know that in this day and age, the communication age, there are still children out there who do not know about the miraculous birth of Jesus.

    A public school teacher was recently bold enough to ask her class if they knew the true meaning of Christmas, and to draw out their answer to her question. While some kids in the class did indeed draw the nativity, others were shown as fallen to the false idols of modern secular Christmas.

    One child had clearly heard something about the miraculous conception, yet was never properly educated due to atheist parents who live in sin, and a fallen school system. Here is his work, and it is quite depressing:

    Let us hope and pray for the day where we can once again teach all children about the true meaning of Christmas and more importantly, the path for their eternal salvation.

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