• Alabama Forces Florida Quarterback Tim Tebow To Cry

    December 6, 2009 1:55 pm 16 comments
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  • Tim Tebow was one of the greatest quarterbacks of the 21st century and a Christian. When Tebow stepped unto the field for the SEC Championship game to lead the #1 ranked Florida Gators against undefeated and #2 Alabama, even the officials couldn’t wait to see how the game progressed.

    Unfortunately for Florida, the game proceeded in decisive favor for Alabama as they knocked the Gators up 32-13. Tim Tebow broke apart and tossed a very unlikely interception.

    All hopes of Tebow winning a Heisman Trophy vanished. Florida was uprooted. And then, Tebow cried. The once great Tim Tebow, who had made every single Christian athlete proud with his good example, cried like a little girl on the sideline. Embarrassing.

    I was pretty disgusted when I saw Tebow betraying us like this. Up until this game it was obvious that Tebow was not only God’s favored player, but likely would get God’s vote for the Heisman as well. After throwing an interception and crying, however, there is no honor or faith in that; only shame.

    I’m sure up in heaven there’s much disappointment in Tebow. Even after throwing the interception, he could have had faith for a few miracle runs, inopportune Alabama fumbles and divine Hail Mary passes, but no, he chose to hide behind tears on the sideline.

    Tebow has betrayed us all and now we have to wonder if he’s man enough for the NFL. A true quarterback has great resolve, much like Brett Favre the greatest quarterback of all time. They don’t go and cry when they mess up, they only strengthen their faith and come out with more determination. Warning: The following video contains footage of Tim Tebow crying like a girl. Please first have any women/girls leave the room and after prayer, explain to any young men/sons about why you don’t cry in sports before reviewing.

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