• Alex P. Keaton’s Mother On Family Ties Supports Lesbian Agenda

    December 3, 2009 3:06 am 1 comment

    We have had another revelation of betrayal in our cold, disgusting world, following the passing of our great world leader President Ronald Reagan into heaven.

    Today, it was revealed that the mother on one of the greatest American shows of all time, Family Ties, is a no good lesbian.

    I know it is a shock, but Alex P. Keaton’s mother was a homogay. Now this is just sad because we all know Alex P. Keaton loved capitalism and was raised by a solid nuclear family on the show, but off-screen, we see that Merdyth Baxter (Elyse Keaton) was dabbling into Satanic lesbian forces that may have caused her to do all sorts of unnatural acts with other womens.

    Oh dear friends, where is our nation at when we can’t even trust tv shows that were produced under the watchful eye of First Lady Nancy Reagan. A show we thought was all about values was secretly harboring lesbis. Just a sick day when you can’t even trust proper sitcoms to teach your children clean, wholesome life values from proper people.

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