• Atheist Free Thought Society of Philadelphia Disrespects Christmas with Tree of Knowledge Tree

    December 3, 2009 1:42 pm 34 comments

    A “Tree of Knowledge” sponsored by society atheists in Westchester attempts to subvert Christmas tradition by creating a legal case where a “universal” tree is required in traditional holiday displays, then Constitutionally allowed to be adorned with cultural symbols that are offensive to the American Christmas holiday season.

    America is a blessed nation that was built upon Christian values and traditions. Therefore as December rolls along in our homes this winter, we prepare to celebrate the holidays with Christmas trees, gift exchanges and holiday gatherings to share our an integral part of our culture with friends and family.

    There are those in our society who do not partake in Christmas or even the Jewish celebration of Hanukkah, which is fine.

    The problem is that many of these non-celebrating people are antagonistic atheists who have an anti-Christian agenda to destroy the holiday season by disrespecting our nation’s Judeo-Christian heritage via legal loopholes.

    Specifically, in Westchester, Pennsylvania, there is a dangerous group of atheists who are trying to set precedent that will further strip the “Christ” out of Christmas.

    Every year, a trinity of good — a Christmas Tree, a manger display and a menorah — is placed outside the old courthouse to help set a mood for the holiday spirit. Setting these things outside for this time of year is no less wrong than setting out our flag for The Fourth of July to the tunes of God Bless America. It’s simply a part of who we are and what defines our nation as American.

    Atheists, however, are trying to open up a proverbial Pandora’s box by making a legal push for a disruptive “Tree of Knowledge” added to the holiday display. There is nothing holy about their plans to break apart a peaceful tradition with legal calamity and chaos.

    On social internet site Facebook, one of the purported planners — Margaret Downey — behind this disruptive agenda even stated:

    For those of you who think that the Tree of Knowledge is “tacky” please know that I was “restricted” with my design this year. The most beautiful display was the one we did in 2007. Please see: www.fsgp and the Tree of Knowledge online book for details about the 2007 tree and the “New Regulations” the Commissioners passed to make sure the design would be small and un-named.

    Since the religious community has openly requested people to call the Commissioners office to complain, I now ask for all of you to call in support of the Tree of Knowledge. The number is: (610) 344-6100. Please let the Commissioners know that the tree is appreciated by many and for reasons that they have not understood. It will take just a few minutes, folks and I need your support now. Please call and state what you stated here on Facebook. The comments are fantastic!

    So now we see they are making a coordinated effort to skew the perception of interest in the tree. Their agenda is to overturn a long standing part of our country, Christmas, by making it look like an inordinate amount of people support the hideous Tree of Knowledge.

    By having several dozen of their followers call-in, at request, they are trying to trick the commissioners into believing a large part of area really supports the tree. This tactic is vile and not honest; it’s called manipulation and tampering.

    This is interesting for as we see with the actual story behind the original Tree of Knowledge, Eve was the victim of and then a willing participant of tampering and manipulation when she tricked Adam into tasting the forbidden fruit.

    The atheist tree of knowledge will be as destructive as Eve’s decision thousands of years ago. There is reason to believe that the Tree of Knowledge being sponsored by the atheists will start a dangerous legal precedent in America.

    Already, against the town of Westchester’s wishes we see the offensive tree is being allowed in proxy to the nativity scene. How long before government allows atheists to come to your yard or state venues to deface your nativity scene with obscene things like foreign Muslim stars and crescents, Satanic numbers and maybe even a hammer with sickles.

    All of these things stand in the way of Christianity and have been used as symbols against our American way of life.  Now, atheists want to promote a tree that supports terrorism, communism and Satan’s plan to lead our nation into a third-world, Godless state.  Why anyone would want that future for our country is beyond reason.

    Friends, let us stand strong against the atheists and make sure the Town Council knows that all across America, we want the spirit of Christmas to fill every town, unadulterated, from coast to coast.  We do not need Christmas to be a political nightmare as the atheists are trying to make it, but simply a time to reflect upon our Lord and Savior, friends and family and to be thankful for another year of living in the greatest, safest and most culturally connected  lifestyle; America.

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